The sacred mana of truth and light


Let’s talk about emotions.

Are Negative emotions Good or Bad? We are talking about anger sadness, fear, hurt or guilt. Think about it for a moment.

Answer: All emotions serve a positive intention. The negative emotions set your boundaries, let’s you know something’s not right.

If you never got angry people would take advantage of you. If you didn’t have any fear you’d be one of two things, either an enlightened one, like the Dalai Lama, or not in this world very long. How long could you last doing stupid things?

However holding onto negative emotions is that ever any good. No! ˋA ˋole hiki; absolutely not!

Why Not? Because holding on to negative emotions, physically weakens the body. It is also in direct conflict with the highest purpose of your unconscious mind; “Which is to preserve and protect the body from real or imagined danger”. It actually weakens the mind, body and spirit; that’s a discussion for another time.

“Do I have something to “clear” or let go of? How do I know?”

An easy way to test if you are holding on to something that’s not serving you, is through muscle testing. For those of you that use muscle testing it should be an easy test. For those of you that are familiar with muscle testing (applied kinesiology) and don’t think it works every time, I will show you how to use muscle testing to where it does work every time. I will explain it in a video …soon to come.

However you don’t need muscle testing. If you just think about an event or memory with negative emotions/trauma around it and you feel the weakness or discomfort in your mind or body, you should know these are unresolved issues, events or memories in your life. And you should let them go…or not.

Or if you can think of an event from the past that still has negative emotions attached to it, then you haven’t let it go or resolved it within yourself.

Yes, you do have choice.

However, the way you know you have resolved or “cleared” it, is that when you think about the event, it feels pono (right) in your pu`u wai (heart) and na`au (inner knowing). It’s that simple.

Should I let go of the trauma, negative emotions around the events or memories, so I can get the learnings, or do I hold on to them.

If you are choosing to hold on to them, let me give you another perspective.

There are only two reasons why a person would choose to hang on to the trauma around events. Really there is only one but we’ll start off with two.

Two reasons to not let go: (And they are both wrong)

  1. Validation:
    1. Validation, this person, this place, this thing, did this to me and I should be angry, validating the experience.
  2. Protection:
    1. Protection, and I don’t want it to happen again, not from that person or any other person.
  3. Even though we say there are two, really there’s only one and its protection.
    1. If it is about protection and it is, how do you feel when you’re protected? Take a moment.

Typical Answer: Good, safe, calm, comfortable or relaxed.

Ask yourself: Which one’s going to give you that? Holding onto it or letting it go? Clearly letting it go. But not letting go of the memories, just letting go of the negative emotions around the memories so the memories can make sense. So you can get those memories and the learnings within the memories, into that bowl of light part of you.

Not convinced yet, try this train of thought: When you hold onto negative emotions, they will “manifest in a physical” form, eventually.

Not Good!

However once you make the decision to clear the trauma around your memories, events and issues this is what we will do. On earlier pages you should have noticed that we work on releasing negative emotions around memories (based on aunty Morrnah’s work) and these are the memory areas that we will be focusing on during the session. It’s broken down into four basic areas.

The Four Basic Areas:

  1. General House Cleaning
    1. Clear General Neg E of Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, Guilt
    2. To include all Phobia’s
  2. Limiting Beliefs/Decisions
    1. Fear of Failure
    2. Fear of Rejection
    3. Fear of Abandonment
    4. Fear of Being Underserving
    5. Fear of Being Unworthy
  3. Aligning Values
    1. Relationships
    2. Family
    3. Personal Growth
    4. Health & Fitness
    5. Career
    6. Spirituality
    7. Life and Living
  4. Hoˋoponopono (Conflict Resolution)
    1. People, places and things
    2. Self
    3. Spirit

We will also address Skillsets to Maintain Gains: How to…

  • Be in the optimum state for living
  • Create a Protective Bubble
  • Overcome Hypersensitivity
  • Connect to people so they do not drain your energy
  • Be a good student; Overcome Test Anxiety
  • Clear Negative Emotions for yourself…assisting you in maintaining gains

Remember this
we will help you and empower you at the same time.
Just share what you’ve learned with others!