The sacred mana of truth and light


(Peripheral Vision, Expanded Awareness)

Hakalau is the means for entering a positive, relaxed state of expanded awareness at will, with many applications in life.

Hakalau is a basic Hawaiian value. It’s actually, a basic value of indigenous people around the world.  How do indigenous people view the world?  Do they view it with Tunnel vision or big picture? Big picture, of course! That’s not a metaphor. It’s a physical reality. It means that when you physically look out at the world (looking at anything) you should be in peripheral vision or an expanded awareness. Hakalau, if you will.

While in Hakalau, you physiologically open the mind to possibilities. It then becomes physically impossible for you to hold on to a negative emotion or negative thought. If you want to be a little scientific, Hakalau lowers your brain waves to below 14 cps, which is a light alpha state. It gets you out of the monkey mind or negative internal dialogue. (beta above 14 cps)
Try this exercise. Pick an object in the room you’re in. (like a chair, table or book, anything) Imagine that’s the problem. What kind of problem? Any kind of problem will do. Problem with family, co-worker, boss, or self, it doesn’t matter.

Then acknowledge that object is the problem. If that object is the problem then all the other objects in the room, including yourself, is not problem. And within not problem is possibility and solution.

Now imagine the room you are in is the problem. Take a moment. Within the room (the problem) there is no possibility let alone solution. Of course you know there is but not inside the room, not inside the problem.

Here’s another scenario. Have you ever had a problem that you were stuck in? That you couldn’t see any possibility, let alone solution? Everything in your life seemed to be a problem. You couldn’t see any solution because negative emotions held you in the problem.

So how do you get out side of the problem, the room?

It could be as simple as someone saying something to you, you saying something to yourself or you going into Hakalau. Remember, when you’re in Hakalau you cannot hold on to a negative thought. If you cannot hold on to a negative thought then you have to be in a positive/neutral frame of mind. By default, Hakalau gets you out of the room into possibility and solution.

When used, assists you in seeing possibilities and solutions.  Seeing the problem for what it is.  Normally, it’s not as big as you thought it was and there are a number of possibilities and solutions.

Hakalau is one of the skill sets taught to you. We teach you how to use it so you can be in a positive state of mind when going through the challenges of life.

There are different levels to Hakalau. First, it’s the “seen”, then the “un-seen”. The seen is being able to see the big picture of life from a neutral neurological frame of reference; being in a positive/neutral state of mind. The “un-seen” is listening to your inner knowing, (naˋau) connecting to all your senses and beyond.

The kaona (deeper level meaning) for Hakalau is from:
Uncle George Naope

Hakalau as it applies to Education is found on the Education Page