The sacred mana of truth and light

Our Vision

To allow everyone the opportunity to feel the peace and calm in life that we so desire.

Mission Statement

E Ho`omanamaiola ka Malamalama Lapa`au o Hawai`i nei

The sacred mana of truth, light and caring in Lapa`au wisdom of Hawai`i nei that which touches the heart of the world.

Our Mission

To reach out to the masses and share the Lapa’au wisdom of Hawai`i nei, giving people, starting with our keiki (children), skillsets, processes and tools to achieve the calm and peace we desire.

Core Ideology

Speak the truth through the Pu`u wai (heart) and the Na`au (inner knowing). After clearing, when words are spoken through the pu`u wai and naˋau, they will always be the truth.

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E Ho`omanamaiola
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Hauˋula, HI 96717

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E. L. Kanoaokalani Switzer

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Cell: (808) 295-9601