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Release your Phobias & Fears!

Are you afraid of things that you know you shouldn’t be afraid of?

That’s what a phobia really is. An inappropriate response to something. It’s an illogical fear. You know you shouldn’t be afraid of something but you are.

For example:

If you have a fear of spiders, roaches or bugs, you wouldn’t have to see a real one to feel the fear. A picture would do or maybe just thinking about it. That’s a Phobia!


Help in letting go of those fears that may be stopping you from doing, achieving or pursuing something in your life. Many people are embarrassed about their phobia. Often times their families don’t even know. Again, we can help!

How can we help?

First we will show and explain to you how the mind works – Local Style. How the phobia was possibly created and why you respond the way you do. This gives you the foundation to make an informed decision on whether to let the fears go or not? It’s your choice. The explanation and information is simple and easy to understand.

Once you make the choice to release your phobia, we will assist you in “releasing” it. You will be immediately able to test yourself to know that you let it go.

What kind of phobia’s are we talking about? * Phobia’s such as:

  • Public speaking
  • Roaches
  • Claustrophobia
  • Test anxiety
  • Darkness
  • Snakes/eels
  • Flying
  • Dentist
  • Heights
  • Spiders
  • Needles
  • others