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Session Overview

Overview of Session:

A personal session with me is really like a “Mini Training Session” or attending a “Mini Workshop”. Knowing that all sessions are unique, in and of themselves, a typical session goes something like this:

  1. Brief introduction to each other (5 minutes or less)
  2. Then, Why are you here? (Explain in 5 minutes or less)
    1. General overview of your presenting problem
  3. Foundation Talk: (I explain the following…and more)
    1. How the mind works
    2. How blocks (emotional blocks) are/were created
    3. How you created your emotional blocks
    4. How to ID you have blocks
    5. How to decide if you should overcome these blocks or not
    6. How to ID you have resolved them or not
    7. Teach you a few everyday skillsets
    8. …and more
  4. How to release negative emotions:
    1. For self
    2. Teach you how to release emotional blocks for yourself
    3. Gives you the power for future challenges
  5. Explain a few Practical Skillsets for everyday use
    1. How to change from a negative internal emotional state to a positive internal state
    2. How to protect you from not feeling emotions of others
    3. Essentials in maintaining gains of session
    4. Some Skillsets taught during Foundation Talk
  6. Length of Session:
    1. 1 hour, maybe a little longer, if we are just clearing personal issues
    2. It’s more like a mini workshop that’s about 4 hours long. In a nut shell the session will:
      1. Give understanding how blocks are created
      2. Teach you how to clear blocks yourself
      3. Teach you skillsets on how to maintain these gains
      4. Laˋau kahea clearing session to remove all other emotional blocks
      5. Check effectiveness of session
    3. Visiting our website and reviewing the info on all the pages will greatly reduce the length of the session
  7. Outline/Overview of Typical Session:
    1. You: ID problem (5 minutes)
    2. Me: Foundation Talk (30-45 minutes)
    3. You: List (specifically) problems (memories/events) that have trauma attached to them…the ones you want to work on (I will help you with this…10 minutes max)
      1. It would be one word and could be a code word (meaning I do not need to know the problem…I just need to know YOU know the problem)
      2. Forms for listing problems are on website
      3. We need something to check when we are done
    4. We: I will teach you; A process to clear/release the negative emotions attached to these memories/events, that you can use by and for yourself (Appx 45 minutes)
    5. We: I will also teach you; How to change from a negative internal emotional state to a positive internal emotional state
    6. We: I will teach you how to feel you emotions (only) and not feel other people’s emotions
    7. Me with you: La’au kahea clearing; A Hawaiian energetic healing process (15 minutes)
    8. We: Check effectiveness of clearing/session
    9. Me with you: Teach additional skillsets to maintain gains
    10. End of session (kiko pau)
    11. Recommend 2nd Session to review continued effectiveness, in about a month…could be by phone call
  8. Homework: (Yes, you do have homework)
    1. You: Homework; Check what we cleared/resolved. Check your list and any other memories you choose to (On the list or not)
    2. You: Clear (you clear) any memories/events you can still feel a negative charge. (We showed you how!!)
    3. You: Use the skillsets we taught you! Allow them to become a part of your everyday life…NOT something that’s good to use “if or when you need them”
    4. Share your experience with others…

Note: (Typically)

  • (1) It takes 4-5 days to fully integrate the session
  • (2) Thoughts will come into mind with no negative charge (GOOD)
  • (3) If they do have a charge, remember them, and clear/release the negative charge yourself…again I showed you how
  • (4) If having trouble releasing negative E, note it and bring it (those memories/events) up during the 2nd session
  1. 2nd Session Recommended: (not required)
    1. Bring/have your list
    2. 1st thing we do is review/answer any questions
    3. 2nd check the effectiveness of clearing with regards to your list
    4. 3rd Clear any dust bunnies, residual Neg e (if required)
    5. Then clear any new issues (if required)
    6. Re-enforce/remind you of skillsets previously learned
    7. End of 2nd session (kiko pau)
  2. Cost of Session:
    1. Hoˋokupu (donation)
    2. The Hoˋokupu could be given at the end of the session, even days or weeks after the session…(or not at all)
    3. I believe the work and session will speak for itself.
  3. Testimonial: A testimonial would be appreciated after the 1st and 2nd sessions (obviously not required)
    1. A good way to share with others
    2. Your name is optional, (we obviously need to know it but) we can keep it off the testimonial
      1. For example, we could use Initials and Location
      2. Jen L. Oahu, HI or K. Y. San Diego, CA
      3. We even changed the initials on one testimonial because the individual was a well-known therapist in San Diego. She wanted to give a testimonial but didn’t want her clients to know it was her and thought her initials would give it away.
      4. We’re very accommodating


  • (1) All initial sessions are required to be in person
  • (2) I do not conduct any initial phone or Skype Sessions
  • (3) However, I have a few (very few) people I can recommend for phone/Skype sessions. Monetary considerations would be worked out with them