The sacred mana of truth and light


Mike Hock

Thank you for holding space and facilitating the clearing that happened today. The clearing today set the intent to clear so many levels of holding with ancestors, I felt many levels of forgiveness being exchanged. the emotional glue that holds so many constructs about our self also started releasing both on a personal level and a collective level. I AM feeling much more inner spaciousness and clarity this afternoon already.

Many Blessings and continued expansion of Love and Light

Mike Hock

I’m happy to hear what was seen releasing from your perspective.

From Down Under

G’day Kanoa, Hi from Australia. I hope u are really well and enjoying life. Cameron Lawrence here. I met u at Jeanette Oliver’s place on the Big Island. You did a bit of work with me and Lynsey at the time and you really set me on the path of discovering Anyway i wanted to… Continue Reading

Haumana (Student) Success stories with others:

Dear Lacey, Can’t begin to thank you for walking me through this incredibly powerful time line process. It is probably the most targeted, immediate and effective approach I have ever experienced. And you are truly skilled in its execution. The issues/emotions I have been able to identify, explore and modify/understand/eliminate as a result will remain… Continue Reading

Leigh Y Montana

“I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Kanoa through my mother, during a very stressful and emotionally-challenging time in my life. Since working with Kanoa I have been freed from the negativity in my life. I am now looking ahead, with a lighter heart, and a more loving spirit and sense of self. And… Continue Reading

Relieve pain and negativity anywhere in the world

“It’s so amazing to have immediate relief from pain! Kanoa’s techniques using Ho ‘omana mai ola, hypnosis and NIF w ere so soothing, safe and effortless that my life long anxiety and anger seemed to just melt a w ay! ” These are only two of the comments from family members and clients after working… Continue Reading

Healers need help too!

As a lifelong psychic my abilities had always served me well during times of personal crisis. However, I’d been unsuccessful at freeing myself from the painful blocks of a major loss affecting my life. Then I met Kanoa. The combination of Kanoa’s own unique abilities, sense of ethics and confidence made it easy for me… Continue Reading

Reaching your full potential.

When I completed my first session with Kanoa, the weight on my back was so light, I felt so unburdened that when I stood up I felt like I had bounced right off of the ceiling. It’s a wonderful learning experience that will benefit you throughout your life. It has no down sides, no negative… Continue Reading

Fear of Heights?

“I had a fear of heights which prevented me from job advancements. Fed up with holding myself back, I accepted a promotion knowing I’d be required to work at heights in excess of 100 feet. Figured I’d just tough it out. There was another option. In one session my fear was gone. If I hadn’t… Continue Reading


I’ve always had trouble controlling my anger. I have been fighting my whole life. Only recently have I accepted Jesus into my life. However, I have not been able to release this heavy weight of guilt and sadness until today. Not sure how you did it but I am thankful and my family is too.… Continue Reading

Anger Issues?

“I woke up angry every morning. I constantly took it out on my family. After working with Kanoa, my family, friends and coworkers noticed a significant difference. My daughter even remarked to my wife, I don’t know what happened to dad, but I like coming home now.” Steve T, San Diego, CA Continue Reading