The sacred mana of truth and light

Reaching your full potential.

When I completed my first session with Kanoa, the weight on my back was so light, I felt so unburdened that when I stood up I felt like I had bounced right off of the ceiling. It’s a wonderful learning experience that will benefit you throughout your life. It has no down sides, no negative effects and a lot of it is your own doing.

Kanoa will teach you how to use abilities and skills that you don’t even realize you have. He will show you how to locate events from the past that negatively affect your present, let go of the negative emotions that you carry from these events. You will also retain the learning’s so you can use them in similar situations in the future.

Bottom line, it will allow you to be self-sufficient and deal with small or large issues in your life for eternity.

Tim Marsh, San Diego, CA